Managed Services


If you’re looking to find an expert to be an extension of your team, look no further. Attributa is proud to offer our managed services packages to help you manage your marketing technology.

The Packages

Starter – $5k monthly

  • This package is right for the organization that is looking for some additional hands to get stuff done in your marketing tech stack.

  • 20 hours of support per month

Growth – $10k monthly

  • This package is a good fit for an organization that needs a bit more support than just the basics.

  • 40 hours of support per month


Strategic-$20k monthly

  • This package is a good fit for an organization that is looking for a strategic partner to help administer their marketing tech stack, along with the hands-on execution above.

  • 80 hours of support per month


Partner – $30k monthly

  • This package is a good fit for larger organizations that are looking for a true partner that can help guide their martech strategy, while maintaining a hands-on approach to getting stuff done.

  • 120 hours of support per month

What You Get

All of our managed services packages include the following:

  • Hands-on execution in marketing technology platforms
    • Marketo Engage, Marketo Measure, Hubspot, Drift, Salesforce, LeanData, and more
  • Dedicated Slack channel for communication
  • Project Management
    • Includes bi-weekly sprint plans
    • Asana board for task tracking
  • Expert consultant that is trained specifically in your tools
  • Discovery to help us learn about your organization and how you operate

Our Strategic plan has everything above, along with:

  • Administration of martech platforms
    • Strategic design of new processes
    • Data governance
    • Integrations with new platforms
    • Martech roadmap design
  • Detailed documentation of any/all new processes created
  • Team-based support

Our Partner plan has everything above, and includes:

  • Dedicated resource that is assigned to only your account

Service Offerings

The below is a list of the types of services that our clients typically work with us on. If you’re curious if there’s something that we can do, or a service that we can provide, just ask. We’ll be happy to tell you if it’s something that we’re currently supporting or not. And, if we aren’t supporting it, we’ll point you in the direction of someone that is supporting it, that we trust.

  • Marketo Engage administration
  • Marketo Measure administration
  • Report and dashboard construction
  • Business Intelligence report design and construction
  • Data governance
  • Data cleanliness, creation and curation
  • Data analysis and insights
  • Lead Lifecycle and Business Process
  • Funnel metrics
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Flow and Routing
  • Integration creation and support
  • Onboarding of new platforms
  • And more!

For more information, visit our Contact Us page.

Need More Info?

Visit our Contact Us page for further details and to discover how Attributa can be the extension to your team that takes your marketing technology to the next level!