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Our Services

Marketing attribution is not only our expertise but also our passion. It sets us apart and defines our unique focus. Unlike other B2B marketing companies where attribution is often an afterthought, for us it is our primary focus. Attributa distinguishes itself in the crowded attribution landscape by helping your organization determine the suitability of attribution for your marketing needs, identify the optimal starting point, and execute effective strategies and tactics for success. Embracing a vendor-agnostic approach, we collaborate with leading marketing attribution platforms to tailor solutions that align with your specific needs.

Our Expertise

Operations Consulting

Unsure about your readiness for attribution?
Concerned about the quality of your data prior to investing in a platform?
Or simply want a well-informed decision?

At Attributa, our process begins by conducting a thorough evaluation of your organization’s existing marketing strategies, tactics, and analytics. This assessment is aimed at gauging your readiness for marketing attribution and devising strategies for optimizing success from the outset. Our readiness assessment will provide clarity on the necessary steps to enhance your preparedness before purchasing a marketing attribution platform. Additionally, we leverage this assessment to pinpoint the ideal platform tailored to your specific requirements.

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Attribution Implementations

Jumpstart your organization with a custom marketing attribution implementation, tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Our streamlined process enables seamless integration with Marketo Measure, setting the foundation for maximum value from the platform. Our suite of services is designed to expedite your path to value and ensure sustained success in the long run, aligning with your overarching goals.

The implementation process begins with installation; Attributa prioritizes this step to quickly initiate data creation through Marketo Measure, expediting the journey to value realization. Next, during the configuration phase, we meticulously tailor Marketo Measure to align with your organization’s unique workflow, leaving no detail overlooked. This phase is entirely custom, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs. In the final stage, we collaborate closely with you to thoroughly QA and validate all installation and configuration decisions, ensuring seamless functionality. Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance on navigating Marketo Measure Discover reporting tool dashboards, clarifying their functionality, filter usage, and data interpretation. Furthermore, we offer hands-on instruction on leveraging the objects and fields now accessible in your CRM, empowering you to create and interpret reports effectively.

Learn about the implementation steps here.

Attribution Analytics Optimization

Attributa evaluates your current marketing attribution platform to ensure accuracy and proficiency in data analytics and training for success. We provide assistance with any questions that persist about the functionality of an existing platform. Our assessment identifies strengths and areas for improvement, followed by precise execution of recommendations. Choose between our “Off the Rack” or “Tailored” packages to match your needs, both guaranteeing meticulous implementation with thorough documentation and training at transparent tiered pricing. Additionally, explore our combined Marketo Engage + Marketo Measure implementation package, tailored for organizations acquiring both platforms simultaneously, ensuring robust data and attribution foundations.

Discover more about Optimization packages here.

Ongoing Managed Services Options

Attributa is proud to offer our managed services packages, designed to streamline your marketing technology management. Our expert consultants, trained specifically in your tools, ensure optimized performance within your team. Each package includes hands-on execution across various platforms such as Marketo Engage, Marketo Measure, Hubspot, Drift, Salesforce, LeanData, and more, along with a dedicated Slack channel for seamless communication and project management. Other packages build on this strategic foundation to offer support tailored to your needs.

Find one of our marketing technology managed service plans to elevate your goals here.

Services Tailored To Your Specific Needs.

Attribution Implementations

We’ll help you get your new marketing attribution platform up and running. We’ll go through the initial installation phase and help you navigate how to best install the platform into your ecosystem. Then, we’ll help you configure the platform to your needs. Once that’s done, we help you QA and validate the data and then train you on how to be successful with your new platform.


If you’re already on a marketing attribution platform, but you aren’t sure if it’s working properly, we’re help you right the ship. We’ll perform an assessment of your current implementation and help you understand all of the things that you’re doing right and all of the things that need a little work. Then, we’ll help you execute against that assessment to ensure that our recommendations are implemented properly.

Attribution Readiness Assessment

Not sure if you’re ready for attribution? Think your data may need some help before you buy a platform? Or, just want to do some due diligence to make sure you don’t buy something too soon? We’ll perform a readiness assessment to help you understand what steps, if any, you need to take to make sure that you’re as ready as you can possibly be before purchasing a marketing attribution platform. We’ll also use this assessment to help you identify the ideal platform for your specific needs.

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