Payback Windows & Marketing Attribution

Have you ever had an over-eager executive ask you about the ROI of a campaign that just launched? Then, you need to learn more about payback windows…

The Markento Measure Maturity Model

Use this Maturity Model to identify where you are strong and where you have areas for growth. Create your path to full Marketo Measure maturity.

The Marketo Measure Maturity Model

How Contact Roles Impact Marketing Attribution

If you’ve worked in the operations space for any length of time, you’re aware of Opportunity Contact Roles (OCRs), how they work, and why they’re important. But, one thing that comes up a lot when we work with clients on marketing attribution is how OCRs impact marketing attribution.

Finding the Golden Path

The idea of a “Golden Path” is something that many marketers are interested in. But, is it something you should be pursuing? Or, is it nothing more than fool’s gold?

How to Get your Organization Ready for Marketing Attribution

Not sure if you’re ready for marketing attribution? Or, what the steps are to get yourself ready? This guide will help you make sure you’re ready.

UTM Builder Tool

Use this UTM Builder Tool to help your organization standardize, normalize and operationalize UTM best practices.

Marketing Attribution Readiness Checklist

Use this Marketing Attribution Readiness Checklist to help you determine if your organization is ready for marketing attribution.

Unlocking True ROI with Marketo Measure

Learn more about how to take the pain out of recording marketing spend data with these best practices.

Best Practices for Bizible Connected User Permissions

Here are the permissions required to ensure that the Marketo Measure/Bizible connected user has the correct permissions within SFDC in order to read and write data successfully.

Auditing your Marketo Measure (Bizible) Instance: A Comprehensive Guide

So, you want to dive into Marketo Measure and start building some reports! It’s tempting when inheriting an instance, or getting access to a new MarTech tool, to jump right in and start building out.

Q4 Marketo Measure Release Notes: A Breakdown

Marketo Measure announced its Q4 Release Notes last week, and Attributa is here to cover the highlights and show you what’s new, what’s going away, and what to make of these changes!

Funnel Metrics Template

Download this funnel metrics template to help you plan out your leads, MQLs, Opps and Wins based on previous performance.

Creating a Marketing Reporting Cadence

We work with many clients at various points on the spectrum of marketing reporting maturity. Some orgs we work with are super early in their maturity, and some are much later in their maturity. But, the orgs that do marketing reporting best, have a reporting cadence.

Segmentation with Marketo Measure: How-to and Best Practices

Segmentation with Marketo Measure: How-to and Best Practices

This article won’t walk you through the technical set-up of segments, but rather will focus on some common use cases and best practices when thinking about configuration. If you want to read more about the specific setup steps, please reference this Adobe documentation.

Best Practices: Custom Stages & Custom Model with Marketo Measure

Before setting up a custom model or custom stages with Marketo Measure (MM), it’s important to take a step back and think about what we’re hoping to accomplish. This article seeks to assist you and your team with the pre and post set-up of your custom stages/model with MM.

Intro to Marketing Attribution

Watch this video to learn about what marketing attribution is.

How Attribution Platforms Create Engagement Data

Watch this video to learn more about the nuts and bolts of how marketing attribution platforms create engagement data.

How Attribution Models Work

Watch this video for a deep dive into attribution models, how they work and how to make them work for you.

Foundational Marketing Attribution Reports

Watch this video to get some ideas for some very foundational attribution reports that you should be using.

UTM Success

Watch this video to learn some best practices around using UTMs.

The Marketo Measure Maturity Model

Learn more about how to continue to grow your maturity with Marketo Measure with this guide. Chart your path to continued success and identify areas and ideas for growth.

Evaluating and Selecting an Attribution Platform

Evaluating and selecting an attribution platform doesn’t have to be nightmare. Follow this guide to make your evaluation and selection process easier, more efficient and achieve better outcomes.

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