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Q4 Marketo Measure Release Notes: A Breakdown

By December 22, 2023December 29th, 2023No Comments

Marketo Measure announced its Q4 Release Notes last week, and Attributa is here to cover the highlights and show you what’s new, what’s going away, and what to make of these changes!

What’s being added?

Discover: Web Traffic Board

  • Who this benefits:
    • All Marketo Measure customers

Historically a Tier 3 board, now all customers will have access to a dashboard dedicated towards understanding site visitors and their actions! This comes with a larger change being made by the Adobe Marketo Measure product team to enable all dashboards for all customers, as opposed to having board availability based on product tier/level. In addition to focusing on dashboard parity across Discover, the underlying tool powering the dashboard is changing, moving from being Looker-based to PowerBI-based. 

In the Web Traffic board, you can explore key site-focused metrics, such as unique visitor counts for each URL, overall visitation, page views, and form submissions originating from specific form URLs or landing pages. Track monthly traffic patterns and pinpoint successful paid media, giving you the tools to fine-tune your approaches for maximum revenue generation. Here are a few questions you’re able to now answer using this board in Discover: 

  • How can I better understand total visits, total unique visitors, form fills, and net new leads generated from this e-book?
  • How did overall site traffic change over the past year after our rebranding efforts?
  • Which one of our blog posts was most successful in generating page views and new leads last year?

Here are some tips & tricks for navigating the dashboard!

  1. Always start with the filters
    1. What date range do you want to use?
    2. Is there a specific URL, or set of URLs you wish to look at? Look to the ‘Filters on this Page’ section, and switch to using ‘Advanced Filtering’. From there, you can pick a specific URL, or set of URLs (contains ‘blog’, ‘resources’, ‘e-book’, etc) and that will refresh the dashboard
  2. Go in with a specific question in mind
    1. I say this for every part of reporting with Marketo Measure, but you’ll get the most value from this board if you or the web team have specific questions in mind about the web traffic and marketing. While playing around with the different filters and views will help level up your knowledge, we’d recommend seeking this report in in order to help solve a pain point or question you haven’t been able to answer before
  3. Get channel specific! 
    1. Throw a filter on for Channel = ‘Paid Search’, or Contains ‘Paid’. Now, in one easy view, you can see Page Views, Visits, Unique Visitors, Forms and New Leads from your paid channels

Have questions about what each metric means on the board? Adobe has full documentation and definitions here

Data Warehouse URL & Web Data Tables: Page Title Field

  • Who this benefits:
    • All Data Warehouse customers

You will start to see a new field (PAGE_TITLE) surface in the following Tables:


This field simply shows the title of the page the action took place on (ie. 2024 Marketing Benchmark Report). If the title of a page changes after the web activity takes place, you might see a discrepancy between the PAGE_TITLE value across the different DW Tables. If you notice that the page titles across tables aren’t all the same, know that the BIZ_URLS table has the most recent title of the page.

What’s going away?

Early 2023: IP Address Data

  • Who this impacts:
    • Data Warehouse product users

Due to concerns over data privacy changes being made, Marketo Measure is doing away with a number of Snowflake tables and views which contain IP addresses. The plan is to replace these with some geolocation fields, such as Country Code, City Name, and Region Code instead of Country Name, City Name, and Region Name.

Tables Views

If you are using any of these today, you might see discrepancies in location information across records. Discrepancies could be any of the following: 

  • IP addresses without geolocation details
  • Updated geolocation information without IP addresses
  • Mix of country/region names & codes

June 2024: Lead/Contact fields:

  • Who this impacts:
    • All Tiers
    • Emphasis on customers who use any of the Marketo Measure custom fields on the Lead and/or Contact objects

One of Marketo Measure’s first features, prior to even the touchpoint Salesforce object, were a number of fields that lived on the Lead and Contact objects. These fields contain information relevant to the person’s touchpoint data, but were not the most reliable in terms of accuracy through changes. 

  • bizible2__Ad_Campaign_Name_FT__c
  • bizible2__Ad_Campaign_Name_LC__c
  • bizible2__Landing_Page_FT__c
  • bizible2__Landing_Page_LC__c
  • bizible2__Touchpoint_Date_FT__c
  • bizible2__Touchpoint_Date_LC__c
  • bizible2__Touchpoint_Source_FT__c
  • bizible2__Touchpoint_Source_LC__c
  • bizible2__Marketing_Channel_FT__c
  • bizible2__Marketing_Channel_LC__c

If you are using any of these fields in reporting today, you’ll want to begin building Touchpoint-based reports to replace the Lead/Contact-based reports. If you need guidance with this, this could be a great opportunity to attend one of Attributa’s free Marketo Measure Office Hours. If you have any questions about this change or just want to talk reporting, send us an email at to sign up for the first session! 

Support for Outdated Dynamics CRM Packages & RefreshToken OAuth

  • Who this impacts
    • Dynamics + Marketo Measure customers who are on Marketo Measure package version 6.12 or older
    • Clients who are using Oauth with a RefreshToken

In order to maintain the connection between Marketo Measure and your Dynamics instance, you’ll need to move to the latest version (v6.12). This version includes improvements in historical record creation in an effort to reduce object storage usage. 

Additionally, if you are currently, using RefreshToken for OAuth, you will need to update credentials to comply with Microsoft’s recommended methods of using ClientSecret. More information on this can be found here

How do I check my current package version?

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Dynamics account as a System Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Solutions.
  3. Locate the Marketo Measure (formerly Bizible)  and note the version number(s). 

‘custom_properties’ field

  • Who this impacts:
    • Data Warehouse product customers, in particular those using the ‘custom properties’ field

Marketo Measure is removing support for this field due to its limited usage and complications around the integration with SQL queries, which can impact performance. The largest expected change here will be to the data processing layer which sits inside of Marketo Measure’s Azure table storage and data being exported to the Marketo Measure Data Warehouse. 

What’s on the horizon?

Changes to Discover: new boards and in-app custom reporting

As 2024 gets started, get ready to see some new boards, new capabilities and a new look to the Discover Dashboards! If you’re on Tier 1 or Tier 2 today, you’ll begin to see some new boards showing up in Q1, followed by something even more exciting and anticipated: custom dashboard building! With this change, you’ll be able to build reports and dashboards from scratch in Discover instead of relying on the pre-built views you see today. 

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!